Project Diem – Come Back – Audio

Project Diem is a thermal-uplift duo from the USA.

Project Diem

Project Diem

With only three songs to hear – Project Diem are setting out a leisurely stall which befits their material that spreads its wings – akin to an albatross gliding over Patagonia with nary a flutter of muscle movement other than eyes darting for potential prey.

The latest track to surface – Come Back – is an ambient weave of synthetics, loops and softly gauged vocal which soars over the landscape and the listener finds themselves transfixed by the soft feathering of the drifting thermals.

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Oxen – Come Back – Audio

Oxen is a Swedish indie trio.

Oxen - Come Back


Their latest track to surface – Come Back – appeared in advance of a short tour in the UK which starts on Wednesday.

Oxen, which is less than a year into existence have used their previous experience to good effect and are establishing an audience both at home and more internationally with parts of South America – especially Brazil – taking a keen interest.

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