Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids – Message To My People – Audio

The US worldbeat collective Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids release the LP An Angel Fell on the 18th of May.

Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids

Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids

The first track to surface from the album (which is available on bandcamp), the antepenultimate of the eight, Message To My People is a totally absorbing approaching eight minutes fusion of jazz and reggae in which the listener looses all perception of the world around as the combinations of saxophone, percussive and strung instruments flow in to the mind taking over the thought processes in gently undulating pulses while the vocal forms a hazy chant to the hypnotic primordial beats.

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Soul Inscribed – Let Them In – Single Review

The US agit-soul sextet collective Soul Inscribed released the single Let Them In on the 26th of February.

Soul Inscribed

Soul Inscribed

Whilst themed around the divisions pervasive in the USA reflecting on that geo-political silo, this is a song with far wider global resonance in a world in which being a fanatical partiot marks as loyalty and everyone else are defacto terrorists.

Let Them In (available on bandcamp) queries why one piece of rock soaked in blood is more relevant than another while giving precendence of ownership to those with the greatest firepower rather than accepting there is only one world in which we all coexist.

With no need to scream with spittle flecked lips, in Let Them In, Soul Inscribed are able to conjoin: soul-groove; afro-reggae beat and; calm clarity of acerbic vocal – to find an international audience swaying in harmony whilst reaching out for connection with others.


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There’s Talk – Soundry – Video

The US etherealwave outfit There’s Talk release the EP bathed water moon on the 23rd.

There's Talk - photo by Kristin Cofer

There’s Talk – photo by Kristin Cofer

The music washes through the room to invite the listener on a journey of mysterious shadows and spectral imagery as echoing guitars, dreamy synth, diffused percussion and hypnotic hazy vocal form an intangible, yet manifest, presence as the four track (plus one live version song) EP (available on bandcamp) runs it course.

The second song is Soundry.


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Wildflowers Of The Mojave – Holy Mountain – Audio

Wildflowers Of The Mojave is a protest-folk collective from the USA.

Wildflowers Of The Mojave - photo credit David Zamora

Wildflowers Of The Mojave – photo credit David Zamora

Numerous players with a plethora of instruments grace their most recent dozen track LP Your Sherpa Will Abandon You And Leave You For Dead (available on bandcamp).

The quietly measured soundtrack belies their distress at the social injustice and political posturing around the globe as the just under an hour and a quarter release threads through the room in an eclectic range of compositions.

By way of an introduction the second – Holy Mountain.

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King Black Acid & The Crystal Unicorn – Can I Call On You – Audio

The US alt-rock collective King Black Acid & The Crystal Unicorn release the LP Super Beautiful Magic on the 9th of June.

King Black Acid & The Crystal Unicorn - Super Beautiful Magic - artwork

King Black Acid & The Crystal Unicorn – Super Beautiful Magic – artwork

Take time out of the day to settle back with the just over an hour, bakers dozen album. Taking the listener on leisurely journey through intricately textured weaves of sound that, like a magical mystery tour, takes the audience through drifting iterations of RnB, synthwave, psychedelia, ’60s beat, roots reggea without ever loosing the flow or jarring them from their repose.

With a cornucopia of delight in which to relax the mind it doesn’t matter where I direct you – however as an indicator to Super Beautiful Magic – the ninth track is Can I Call On You.

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