C.A.R. – Swaggart – Audio

The England based Canadian coldwave project of Chloé Raunet – C.A.R. – releases the LP PINNED on the 16th.



Surfacing from the album (available on bandcamp) within the past few hours, Swaggart, the seventh of the eleven tracks, casts a foreboding beauty to the room – much like watching supercell clouds building in a sunlit day with the multitude of colours refracted by the light through the condensing, hailstone forming, water droplets whilst storing charged electrical pulses set to roar overhead as the ever spiraling architecture builds towards the troposphere – yet far from phased by the warning the listener finds themselves transfixed by the formulation of the imperious exquisite shapes.


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Swoll – Slow – Audio

The US coldwave trio Swoll release their eponymous LP on the 9th of March.



Slow, the last of the nine tracks on the album is a minimalist bass heavy composition that spreads a sense of dark melancholia through the room which palpably chills the bone marrow as the slowly rotating song weaves its mind holding hypnosis.

On the basis of this one song, the LP is something I am already keen to add to the collection.

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