Dave C. Rupert – Cold – Audio

The English mellow-rock project Dave C. Rupert is finalising details for the EP Cold.

Dave C. Rupert

Dave C. Rupert

The title track – Cold -, which was released as a standalone single on the 23rd, is highlighted by a strong vocal performance supported by an empathetic semi-acoustic melody which affords the composition its hypnotic layer of sound.

It comes as no surprise to learn that Dave is an Opera trained vocalist as the sustained inflections of notes, which gives the track its character, contextually reflects the balance of the song which is an apologia of a relationship drifted apart.

Whilst many introductions are made with classically trained musicians in the mix, I often find that those educated in opera and classical vocal delivery find the transition to other styles most difficult and it is a credit to Dave having been able to successfully make that shift.

Longer stay readers will also know that I am far more a fan of bass and baritone vocal over tenor, rarely remarking on the timbre of a tenor singer along with the fact that the genre definition of mellow-rock rarely features – therefore you will be able to ascertain that I do think there is something special here that adds to the weave of the world with the music of Dave C. Rupert.

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