Tranquil Sea – Home Fires – Audio

Tranquil Sea, the synth-rock quartet from England, will be releasing the EP Eyes On You on the 19th.

Tranquil Sea

Tranquil Sea

Their latest track, Home Fires, is filtered through the lens of a celtic-rock ballad with the music undulating through the room set to the jogging guitar pairing with the listed vocal and holding centre stage. The bass and percussion keeps the pace compressed thereby generating an underpinning energy with the keys which vary between piano and electronica hum enable Tranquil Sea to inject the track with an evolving soundscape in a track which minds of Coast.

A quite different sound to the other song of theirs I have heard, Dancing Through Life, which is a more punchy ’80s garage influenced number – both of which showcase a group of musicians with strong song writing and arrangement skills marking Tranquil Sea as a band I look forward to hearing more of in the coming years.

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Coast – No More Heroes – Video

The Scottish celtic-rock band Coast were first introduced in 2013 and it is good to catch up with their journey from time to time…


Coast – No More Heroes

…Having built up a strong European following over the years it is not a great surprise that they were recently captured in live performance in Denmark with the track No More Heroes from their most recent LP Windmills In The Sky.

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Coast – That Old Atlantic Sky – Video

It has been over three years since the Scottish alt-rock band Coast last featured.

Coast - Windmills In The Sky - artwork

Coast – Windmills In The Sky – artwork

In the intervening period Coast have been busy, with, amongst other things a relocation from the South coast of England to the West coast of Scotland – they are also due to release the LP Windmills In The Sky later in the year.

There is a familiarity to the sound in the track, from the forthcoming album, That Old Atlantic Sky though there is also a deeper texturing within which Coast are able to extract a palpable intense emotional presence as the just over six minutes track floats from the speakers.

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Coast – The Reckless Engineer – Video

Coast release a new video for The Reckless Engineer.



Taken from their eponymous eleven track LP.

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