New Year Ninety 2018 – 80 to 71

For those new to the annual New Year Ninety – every two hours and two minutes on the 1st of January from 05:05 until 23:23 UTC a section of the chart is published, a chart based on the Readership activity on the associated sites over the year – resulting in the Ninety bands.

Steve Schuster - New Year Ninety 2018

Steve Schuster

Whilst reflective of you as a reader of the site, it is, as you will note, not a chart in which anyone is able to vote, rather calculated on various algorithms, which do take in to account whether a band has only been featured first in December as opposed to in January or earlier, amongst other factors. This is intended to make the chart a more genuine representation of the readership and based on actual events, not who is the band with the most active fanbase… from  80 – 71…

80. 40 Shillings On The Drum (England)

Beggars Who Believe – EP – 40 Shillings on the Drum is available on iTunes.*

79. White Ape (England)

Ape! – EP – White Ape is available on iTunes.*

78. Lord Willing (USA)

You Got a Hold on Me – Single – Lord Willing is available on iTunes.*

77. L-Space (Scotland)

Aloe – Single – L-Space is available on iTunes.

76. The Pistol Mystics (USA)

Ammunition is available on bandcamp.

75. Steve Schuster (USA)

74. Bruno Major (England)

A Song for Every Moon – Bruno Major is available on iTunes.*

73. CNGRTS (Germany)

A Fall From Grace is available on bandcamp.

72. Nemra (Armenia)

71. Elisa Money (USA)

The Seed – EP – Elisa Money is available on iTunes.*

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CNGRTS – Sedative – Audio

The German indie quintet CNGRTS release the EP A Fall from Grace on the 1st of September.

CNGRTS - Sedative


Counterintuitively given the song title Sedative, the first track to surface from the forthcoming release, is a more zingy soundtrack than music of theirs previously featured with sparkling guitar laid against sprightly tempo although the vocal maintains their signature drifting melancholia.

Sedative – Single – Cngrts is available on iTunes.*

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New Year Ninety 2015 – 40 to 31

The eclectic range of musical styles that appears on Emerging Indie Bands is reflected in the readers choice of bands for the New Year Ninety 2015 in the section 40 – 31.

New Year Ninety - The best independent music

New Year Ninety – The best independent music

40. The Tommy Drums (England)

39. CNGRTS (Germany)

Cngrts – Single – Cngrts is available on iTunes.*

38. A Venus Fly Trap (Macedonia)

37. Social Arcadia (USA)

36. Irmandade Eletrorgânica (Brazil)

35. The Rapports (England)

34. Pussy Riot (Russia)

33. (Brazil)

32. Limbo (Portugal)

31. Le Galaxie (Ireland)

Carmen [feat. MayKay] – Single – Le Galaxie is available on iTunes.*

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CNGRTS from Munich in Germany are the alt-indie quintet of Dominik Blex (Vocals), Manuel Blex (Guitar), Matthäus Jaskulski (Drums), Pascal Berger (Bass) and Thomas Pannek (Guitar).

CNGRTS - alt-indie from Germany


Rumblings of melancholic melodies twist round the room like a gathering thunderstorm as CNGRTS deliver shoegazy guitars subsumed in thickly laden branches of bass and percussion, inside of which a vocal writhes to pronounce the measured pacing of the quartet.

The unhurried delivery allows CNGRTS to develop the tracks in a natural flow of sound, which possesses a free form expressionism for the guitars to weave their way round the compositions, giving them considerable a rich seam of exploration for the audience. The heavy felt which darkens the compositions adds considerably to the atmospherics of the pieces of music that absorb the listener.

Despite having been round for a while and with a growing live audience, there is little for those who don’t get to see them live to hear, with just one three track eponymous single, which came out this year.

I look forward to having the opportunity to hear more in short order and spending more time listening to CNGRTS.

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Cngrts – Single – Cngrts is available on iTunes*.

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