Super Water Sympathy

Super Water Sympathy an alt-indie band from Shreveport in the USA is Ansley Hughes (Vocals), Clyde Hargrove (Guitar), Jason Mills (Keys), Chris Rimmer (Bass) and Hali Kha (Drums).

Super Water Sympathy - alt-indie from the USA

Super Water Sympathy

There is much to enjoy on hearing Super Water Sympathy as a soaring vocal introduces the orchestral compositions which underlay the music, though you knew by the opening comment there was a follow up. Whilst it is top notch music, because it is so finely composed and constructed there is a semblance of navel gazing. My criticism of ‘trying too hard to make it sound as pitch perfect as possible’, I am sure grates with many musicians, however music is not just about pitch perfect it is also about believability and I can only call as I find. Were I not giving a thumbs up, as you know, I wouldn’t be reviewing it.

I just wish I could find some scratches in the veneer, else it needs to steer even further towards the mainstream as the sounds are ever to remain in a vortex of ‘mhmms and if only’ as the music sits on the apex of not sitting in either camp, whilst potentially fitting in both. Of course I would prefer the scratchy edges, though equally they have the finesse to head towards the major label sound and whichever direction they finalise, I wish Super Water Sympathy best with it.

These are a group of musicians with much to add to the world of music with their luxurious textures and smartly defined compositions.


Hydrogen Child – Super Water Sympathy is available on iTunes*.

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