Run Dufresne – Cluster Fucked – Single Review

Within the past few hours the rate-distortion-theorist project Run Dufresne surfaced with a new track.

Run Dufresne - Cluster Fucked

Run Dufresne

Cluster Fucked is an aural feast of exposition of the theorem as the waves of pulses are fed through ever more complex structures and resultingly distorting in to preponderances of sparking individuality, whilst simultaneously deprecating in to ever less tangible threads.

I do realise that the idea of considering the physics of sound compression is not necessarily why you read the website – however – even given the starting point of a compressed audio input in this version – it does make theoretical physics slightly easier to grapple with – even over breakfast, whilst nursing a hangover.

If the uncompressed files of Cluster Fucked ever surface, I do advise they will be worth hearing to fully gain the benefit of the track.

For more music of theoretical science – Emerging Indie Bands on Facebook isn’t a band place to start.