Field Manual – Closer – Single Review

The England based rock outfit Field Manual released the single Closer today.

Field Manual

Field Manual

Following on closely from their début LP Someday Streets which came out in May – Closer – is of very different idea.

Whilst still of retrospective mindset the single switches sides of the Atlantic Ocean surfacing with a track that minds of Gerry Rafferty with the tenor saxophone taking a leading light weaved with Dire Straights inspired guitars in a song that has a luxurious flow of a, finely played and delivered, unhurried release which has the audience reaching out to touch the almost tangible flow of the notes as they thread through the room.

I am already intrigued to discover where these experienced, though only within the past year combined, group of musicians head next as they refresh classic rock.


Closer – Single – Field Manual is available on iTunes.*

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Patrick Byrnes – Closer – Audio

Patrick Byrnes is a US lofi creator.

Patrick Byrnes

Patrick Byrnes

A relatively new project continually revealing music of different structure and influence encased in echoing guitar, which provides the focus of attention.

By way of an introduction – Closer – which has a dreamy presence with its hypnotically delayed refrains that slowly drift through the room leaving behind a hazy layering of that lingers in the ears.

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From Brighton in England: Ross Robertson (Vocals / Guitar), Larry Marks (Vocals / Bass) and Simon Gledhill (Vocals / Guitar) – who are looking for a full time drummer – form the psychedelic-garage outfit Teetotum.

Teetotum - Psychedelic Garage from England


You know that moment when you are watching a spool of thread unravel in-front of you to disappear into the far distance? Teetotum too play with guitar strings stretching to the far horizon and what a joy it is. The elasticity of the strings gives Teetotum the warm feeling of four track analogue recordings and taken in combination with vocals one can’t help but call to mind The Kinks and consequentially want to spend more time in their company.

Although there are only five tracks available to hear for those who don’t have the opportunity to hear them live in their regular local performances – on the basis of the recorded material, it is little surprise they are generating their own hot-spot.

My only hope is that Teetotum are able, swiftly, to discover a full time drummer as the skins do form an integral part of the out-put.

From the four track EP – Mind Your Teeth which came out last month and is available on bandcamp –  the opener Night & Day.

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The LVE – Closer – Video

The LVE, an alt-electro-rock sextet from Belgium, release their eponymous LP on the 1st of December, with a release show at Het Bos in Antwerp (Belgium) on the 11th of December.

The LVE - eponymous LP - test pressing vinyl

The LVE – eponymous LP – test pressing vinyl

Closer is a track that cajoles the listener into a calmer space as the material drifts around the room in spiralling wafts of blue smoke caught in the sunlight and the mind becomes intoxicated by the elegance of the fusions of sound.

Unlike the Emperors Clothes Closer, the fifth of the eleven tracks, is not naked vanity rather a sound with much to enlighten the day.

Having had the opportunity to take a listen to the complete LP, which ranges across a spread of barriers, from ’70s surf to matriculation, the album has much to offer and will, if the world of music has any magnetism towards jurisprudentia, afford The LVE a far broader global reach.

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Longwave Club – Closer – Video

The English psychedelic-synth quartet Longwave Club are set to release their début three track eponymous single this month.

Longwave Club - eponymous single - artwork

Longwave Club – eponymous single – artwork

It is with some pleasure that I find The Longwave Club, who launch the single at Surya in Pentonville Road (London – England) on the 16th have taken a further step into the mossy ground in which I think they work best.

Longwave Club entice the audience across wet sand in Closer, a track which exploits their ability to beguile the listener whilst leading them to a mud-flat in which to luxuriate in ecstatic doom and I am minded of beguiling Sirens as the synths fixate attention. The platform of bass and percussion opens a path to the peril unbeholden as the vocal gently tempts with unrequited promises, gently teasing the audience into a luxuriant flail of hypnotic hopeless adoration.

Somewhat ironically Closer is the opening track on the release.

Longwave Club E.P – Longwave Club is available on iTunes.*

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