The Almighty Rhombus

The Almighty Rhombus from Greater Sudbury in Canada is the alt-rock quintet of Mike Kenny (Guitar / lead Vocals), Clayton Drake (Keys), Neil Bednis (Bass), Carter Drake (Drums) and Cameron Drake (Guitar).

The Almighty Rhombus - alt rock from Canada

The Almighty Rhombus

An entertaining collection of sounds slide their way into the ears on hitting play as The Almighty Rhombus with hazed guitars and fleeting keys deliver their sounds which are predominately wrapped up inside three minutes. Intriguingly they also have at least one track that extends for over seven minutes.

I was transported on more than one occasion to the sunnier climes of the Los Angeles whilst listening, yet there is equally something quite urbane in the songs. You knew it wouldn’t be possible for me not to mention Euclidean geometry given the name The Almighty Rhombus. Somehow the fifth member gives the band an appropriate name for a four sided equilateral shape as the ‘Almighty’ suggest something more than your regular and in this they undoubtedly live up to expectations. I always enjoy bands who are able to express themselves succinctly, which I know sits as an intriguing juxtaposition to my own verbosity in reviews, but nonetheless I do and their short tracks contain everything that is needed to express the context.

Of additional pleasure is the way that the percussion and bass hustle along the music, whilst not taking over the pieces, but ever present and entertaining. These five players work well together delivering sounds which add value to the day and for that, I thank The Almighty Rhombus.


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