The Matters – In Touch – Audio

The US rockers The Matters released their eponymous EP on the 22nd.

The Matters

The Matters

A five track release (available on bandcamp) which is full of gems which draw reference from the classics of heavy-rock from yesteryear.

Whilst influenced by the past The Matters are able to bring it all up to date and deliver nineteen minutes of zingy blues-steeped riffs and rips that is as fresh as a daisy – of which the second track – In Touch – is my pick of the release.

It will be interesting to discover future material over the coming months as they have just, post recording of the EP, changed drummer.


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The Brothers Caged – OBJECTURE! – Single Review

The Brothers Caged is a classic-rock band from the USA.

The Brothers Caged

The Brothers Caged

Found in the studio as a duo and in live performance as a quartet (plus one) – those who know the band will fully understand their inside humour of the + one of Adam Douglas.

Taking the listener back to the early ’60s prior to the development of heavy synth-driven rock which resulted in much fracturing of the genre rock The Brothers Caged deliver music steeped in multifarious layering of guitar which circles the room in rich melodies met with punching bass / drum work with vocal folding in the open spaces affording the music an expansive ebb and flow in which the synapses tempo, giving the music a trippy-feel.

The latest song to surface is OBJECTURE! – which is possibly the third reveal from what appears to be a slowly developing album with the working title – Closer As Time Goes By.

The more perspicacious longer stayed readers will have noticed that each of the previous two articles and this one are marginally out of normal cut-off point and I apologise for my poor administration once again becoming an unnecessary and undesirable fulcrum.

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One Cure For Man – Washed Away – Audio

The English classic-rock project of James Parkinson – One Cure For Man – released the LP Colours In The Fire on the 4th.

One Cure For Man - Photo by Kevin Hylands

One Cure For Man – Photo by Kevin Hylands

A not inappropriately named album, Colours In The Fire (available on bandcamp), introduces additional instrumentation and players as required to deliver a just under three quarters of an hour, eleven track, LP imbued with a range of texturing that flows elegantly through the room captivating the listeners attention.

James is a musician unafraid to work alongside others to maximise the sounds and for those who have caught One Cure For Man live may well have assumed this was four piece band as Howard Page (Bass), Ben Parkinson (Drums) and John Baulcombe (Guitar and Keyboards) additionally appear on stage.

The penultimate track is Washed Away.


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