Sauna is CJ McLeod (Guitar), Ethan Hill (Bass), Sammi (Drums) and Molly Bartlett (Keys / Vocals) a no coast surf-rock garage band from Denver in the USA.

Sauna - garage rock from the USA


This site is becoming something of a confessional don’t you think? Banter Media sent me an email on the 9th February 2012 and I have just got to it, no excuse, let’s get on to Sauna….

As though surfing through a sand storm Sauna appear as a hazy outline of sounds that never quite come into focus with whimsically obtuse angled guitars and a vocal like a Siren calling on to the unseen rocks and you can but help yourself getting lost in the obscurity and suddenly you find yourself not stranded, but having a great time.

This is lo-fi surf rock at its sublime and my face is aching from a smiling jaw. This is music with the precision of a faulty metronome and that is what makes it so special and to be able to pull it off in such style takes prowess. Don’t be fooled into thinking Sauna don’t know what they are doing – they most certainly do and they do it so well. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there is a classically trained musician within the midst as it is so perfectly out that it is like the ‘new black’.

On this occasion my timing isn’t great as Sauna are disappearing for a while from the live circuit, a bit like a sandstorm, but they are coming back soon, so bear with the intermission.


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