Boys Of Terror

Boys Of Terror is Erik Löfving (Vocals / Guitar), Christopher Anderson (Drums) and Olle Mossberg (Guitar) plus Kalle Mossberg (Bass) in live performance is an indie band from Gothenberg in Sweden.

Boys Of Terror - indie from Sweden

Boys Of Terror

Melodies emerge predominately from the thinnest guitar strings, as Boys Of Terror produce their summery sounds which reach into the tweeters. As a regular reader you will know I have an almost obsessional interest in bass notes, so it is a pleasure to find a band who play at the opposite end of the spectrum I can recommend you spend time to consider.

The lightness of the tones, does not find the music feeling as though it lacks depth as Boys Of Terror are able to add glistening echo, which gives the effect of light diffracting through a crystal, with angles of notes that wrap themselves around the ears in fragile shimmers of sound.

Formed originally in 2013, Boys Of Terror have had a variety of line-ups, which led to the delay in their follow up of a Demo EP  from June 2013 – the LP What Everybody Feels not appearing until the beginning of the month. A summer Scandinavian and UK tour in support, should see them gathering a deserved wider audience.

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