Lieutenant Tango

Lieutenant Tango a kwela beat outfit from Edinburgh in Scotland is David Scobie (Guitar / vocals), Alexander Betty Lambton (Saxophone), Calum Michie (drums) and Chris Pasquill (Bass).

<b>Lieutenant Tango - kwela from Scotland</b>

Lieutenant Tango

Somehow it seems that my wish for more bands taking references from Africa is ringing true as I find in my inbox Lieutenant Tango who throw in a saxophone to give this a real fillip with more than a hint to ska to the kwela influences. The only problem I am finding is locating the keyboard which is skittering across the desk in unison with the lively beats that are reverberating off the walls. The only way this could be improved in my opinion is with the addition of bagpipes just to round off the whole thing.

What a wonderful life reviewing the bands that so many other reviewers want to leave behind as they don’t have a high enough profile, oh what wonders they are missing and I know that as a regular reader, you feel that way too. Lieutenant Tango offer everything that is needed in music – fun, creativity and a sense of perspective with sounds that ripple through the nervous system firing the neurons of the audience.

They are not attempting to reinvent the wheel, but add a touch of Tabasco Sauce to the mix and leave the audience wreathed in huge smiles and sweating brows. There are some good Independent labels in Scotland and I would anticipate Lieutenant Tango will not be waiting too long for some offers. On the down side, I can envisage this as being highly licensable music and there is a danger that they may be encouraged to forgo their exuberance and joy to create sounds that suit the advertisers – I hope not. But just in case – catch them now.

So, Go is a great introduction to Lieutenant Tango as they have the confidence to hold an introduction for 1:55 and then another 50 seconds of instrumental before getting to the meat and grist – well worth a listen for the full 4:45.


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