Chris Marksbury – Insomnia – Audio

The US rock creator Chris Marksbury revealed three new tracks within the past few hours.

Chris Marksbury - Insomnia

Chris Marksbury

Having released individual tracks sporadically over the past few years, the fact that three arose together bearing the cover art entitled All About You may foretell of an EP or LP in the wings – time will tell.

Insomnia is a just under four and a half minute track in a cloak of dirty blues which prowls around the room majestically as only slide is able to deliver.

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Chris Marksbury – She’s Alright – Single Review

The US rock musician Chris Marksbury surfaced with a new track a few hours ago.

Chris Marksbury - She's Alright

Chris Marksbury

She’s Alright is a departure from the normal Americana rock of Chris Marksbury in a track that not only steps across the Atlantic Ocean, but also steps back in time to a Merseybeat retrospective. It is somewhat intriguing how often I have referenced ‘Merseybeat’ in the recent past, are we on a trend-line? Am I becoming hip?

Harmonica intersperses with guitar leaving the listener clapping hands in time as She’s Alright spinneys around the room like a yacht tacking course as the undulating sounds track towards the bouy. The joyful bounces of stern skimming the waves is a new departure for a musician who has recorded catalogue dating back many a year and it sounds as fresh as a daisy allowing Chris the opportunity to spread his sails once again.

Not only is this a track that gives the audience a lift, but as someone who speaks to creator from time to time I find a lightened mood, which, on a personal note makes me smile inwardly.

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Chris Marksbury – Even More – Audio

It has been a couple of years since the US rock creator Chris Marksbury last appeared, as a guest on the Indie Music Tips series.

Chris Marksbury - Even More

Chris Marksbury

Word arrives that Chris is contemplating putting together a new full release. In the interim – an acoustic version of Even More surfaced in the past 23 hours.

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Indie Music Tips #9 Working With A Producer With Chris Marksbury

I had a conversation with the Photographer and Musician Chris Marksbury.

Chris Marksbury

Chris Marksbury

In this conversation we talk about working with a music producer and how to get the best value out of using a Photographer.

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Chris Marksbury – I Still Love You – Audio

Chris Marksbury from the USA is coming near to the conclusion of his LP All About You which rumour has it may be set for release next month.

Chris Marksbury

Chris Marksbury

For those of you who have been with me the past few years will probably recall Chris as a photographer talking to me about hiring a photographer in the Indie Music Tips Series (which I will start reposting and picking up again here on Emerging Indie Bands imminently). He is also a highly proficient and experienced singer songwriter.

For now here is I Still Love You from the forthcoming LP.

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