@MaineTheGreat – Pilgrum – Audio

The US chill-hop project @MaineTheGreat released the LP Yellow Rain on the 28th of January.



An eight track album of laid-back sounds swirl around the room, capturing the attention as it swoops between RnB and EDM. Yet underlaying the almost ambient musical elements lays a vocal which tackles issues including relationships, abuse and drug-misuse.

The fifth song is Pilgrum.

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Yellow Rain – @MaineTheGreat is available on iTunes.*

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Ace J – FUEGO – Audio

Ace J is a chill-hop project from the USA.

Ace J

Ace J

Best to find a comfortable spot to relax and listen the latest track – FUEGO – which drifts through the room in a unhurried melting loops, supported by a pumping bass which pulses in shifting pace whilst the becalming vocal drifts through the ears.


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