Chelzzz – Underestimated – Audio

The US hip-hop creator Chelzzz is a regular staple on the site.

Chelzzz - Underestimated


The latest track to surface – Underestimated –  continues the style of the last song to feature  – It’s My Time – allowing the melodies to power the message and once again Chelzzz doesn’t disappoint her existing fan-base nor shortchange the new.

I remain hopeful that at some point in the near future Chelzzz may gather a collection of tracks together and put them out as a long player.

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Chelzzz – It’s My Time – Audio

The US hip-hop artist Chelzzz – who was at 29 in the New Year Ninety Chart – is finalising details of the début LP Underestimated.

Chelzzz - It's My Time


The second track to be revealed from the forthcoming album – It’s My Time – is, as with the first B.O.M.B.S., of less searing heat than the various material previously featured since introduction in 2016.

That isn’t to say the that a furious temper isn’t palpable, it is the skewering lyric has dropped further in to the music, allowing the song to develop the accompanying theme to fuller extent with the twisting loops giving the track its menacing presence.

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New Year Ninety 2018 – 30 to 21

With the vast numbers of musicians introduced daily it is only a sadness that there are only twenty four hours in a day as only a mere fraction of those introductions can be featured. I would however like to thank all musicians for doing what they do to make the world a better place. In this years New Ninety the slots 30 to 21 comprise…

Internal Frequencies -Photo Credit - Jorge Pineda

Internal Frequencies -Photo Credit – Jorge Pineda

30. Einar Vilberg (Iceland)

Apathy – Einar Vilberg is available on iTunes.*

29. Chelzzz (USA)

B.O.M.B.S. – Single – Chelzzz is available on iTunes.*

28. Seventeen Sisters (USA)

27. The Ringards (England)

26. Internal Frequencies (Mexico)

25. Runtown (Nigeria)

24. The Judex (USA)

23. Chirpy (Ireland)

Real Life – EP – Chirpy is available on iTunes.*

22. Reptilians From Andromeda (Turkey)

21. Ten Fé (England)

Hit the Light – Ten Fé is available on iTunes.*

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Chelzzz – Get Hype – Single Review

The US hip-hop artist Chelzzz revealed the single Get Hype a few days ago.

Chelzzz - Get Hype


Once again slamming against the stereotypical portrayal of ‘gender order’  – in Get HypeChelzzz – delivers a track that sears a branding iron in to the listener with its table-turning presence. Chelzzz has the innate ability to be at one with sarcastic derision whilst simultaneously delivering lyric that rages with contempt for institutional and genre patriarchy.

The verbal wit is wrapped inside a searing temper that, akin to a flamethrower, scorches those within touching distance. It is always a pleasure to return to Chelzzz who, with satire, tears to shreds the ‘acceptable’ whilst burning a spotlight on what that mindset is in reality, whilst, fully anticipating and taking delight in those it rips in to will find the intent flying way over their head.

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Chelzzz – Problem – Single Review

Within the past twenty hours the US hip-hop creator Chelzzz revealed the single Problem.

Chelzzz - Problem


With a welcome return the the site Chelzzz in Problem delivers a wall rattling looping bass through which the acerbic vocal sears in to the ears like a branding iron as the approaching four and a half minutes track sneers its dismissive lyric, carpeting a world of ivory tower proselytism.

The combinations of oppressive electronics aside, both, snarling vocal and lyric do not require Chelzzz to burst the ears with volume or pace and the power of production is through its very, icy-calmness.

I look forward to returning to a musician who is self-evidently a talented lyricist and realist-performer, later in the year.

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