Art Block – Don’t Call My Name – Audio

First introduced in 2014 the English alt-rock creator Art Block is due to release the slightly delayed EP Bordeline on the 4th.

Art Block - Don't Call My Name

Art Block

The penultimate of the four tracks Don’t Call My Name glides through the room with an elegance and poise that captures the attention. One feels oneself involuntary reaching for Ball-Gown or Dinner-Jacket to accompany the four / three waltz which is firmly led by Art Block and you are left to feel safe in his embrace.

Borderline (available on bandcamp) lives and breathes by instrumentation which lays in subdued back drop as the duet of vocal by Chelsea Turnbull and Art sashay the audience with their pitch-perfect and emotionally connective tissue carrying the listener far further than the compositions.

It is the ability of Art block to take the audience far beyond the speakers into an emotional reciprocity that marks the out-put as being far more than the sum of the parts.

Art is another musician who finds I am not the easiest music journalist to deal with and I thank him, not just for his persistence but far more, for his ability to take me on a journey which I hope will not end before I am gone.

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Chelsea Turnbull

Chelsea Turnbull based in London in England is an aspiring singer.

Chelsea Turnbull - a singer from England

Chelsea Turnbull

Here Emerging Indie Bands goes pre-emerging and it is a pleasure to introduce Chelsea Turnbull.

This is a long way from the regular posts as we find Chelsea seeking her landscape, so why would I ask you to spend a moment? First and foremost because I think she has talent and is someone I personally would like to see to do well.

Enough of me…About a year ago I received an email – ‘Tim, I have done a song, can you help.  Whilst interesting vocally, not very helpful, so I posited, Chelsea, something else – saving hard, some other songs arrived and once again I snarled, after more saving up a couple of tunes dropped in my email today.

I have heard an EPs worth of covers from Chelsea and not only does she have staying power and determination, she also has a voice that deserves attention, I have faith she also has the ability to write her own songs.

With this I introduce Chelsea Turnbull, to Chelsea, please write your own songs as I know you have the ability, have faith in yourself, with best wishes for a sparkling career – Tim

For more information on speaking to Chelsea, well for now, I am her primary contact point to drop me an email to tim @ and I will ensure she receives your thoughts.

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