Alaskan Faction

Alaskan Faction an alt-indie quartet from Nottingham in England is Michael Holden (Guitar), Charlie Bailey (Drums), Daniel O’Keeffe (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar) and Nathan Brookes (Bass).

Alaskan Faction - alt-indie from England

Alaskan Faction

A zippy bouncing soundtrack springs into action as Alaskan Faction start to play. There is something of a Scandinavian shoegaze perspective which reminds me a little of Mono Stereo and there is a danger of this review becoming a retrospective of band previously reviewed as they draw as a comparator Bombay Bicycle Club, rather than asking you to read umpteen previous reviews…..

Indie pop meets shoegaze meets enthusiasm and creativity and we are left with  Alaskan Faction. Whilst the material leaves the listener with a smile on their face it isn’t merely a journey of puppy love. There are some neatly put together tracks which have the patina of a story to tell. Precise and sharp percussion acts as a neat counterpoint to the echoes of the guitars giving the music a tight focus, providing the audience with a defined direction of travel whilst the lyric swerves in and around the compositions delivering a commentary of life’s ups and downs.

A recent debut five track EP Nights In The Brake Lights gives Alaskan Faction a hanger on which to place their marker. Originally formed whilst at University the development of the band over the past eighteen months has been a steady progression, it will be interesting to see how it all goes from here with their recorded music now being available to a wider audience.


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