Run Dufresne – Some Pliers And A Blowtorch – Audio

The US Chaos Theory electronica project Run Dufresne released the EP 11/9 earlier in the month.

Run Dufresne

Run Dufresne

Combining acoustic guitar, voice and electronics Run Dufresne mix the elements in rough chopper and the resulting output has a dark dystopian uneven granularity which speaks eloquently of the State of the World in 2017.

The approximately eighteen minutes of 11/9 (available on bandcamp) sheers through the room in tracks that have a discernible direction of travel which is arrived at through an intriguing collision of sounds and effects along the way.

The opening track – Some Pliers And A Blowtorch sets the scene for a selection of songs which, although challenging to get to grips with, is, in my view well worth spending time to get to know.

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