Tax The Heat – Change Your Position – Video

The English rock quartet Tax The Heat release the LP Change Your Position on the 9th of March.

Tax The Heat

Tax The Heat

A band with a growing and strong fan-base, as their punchy rock’n’roll extends to converts new through word of mouth via their regular live performances, the release of this, their second, album can only help to spread their name more rapidly to a cross national audience.

Whilst not intended to take a political perspective, by dint of being sentient humans delivering music which is drawn from the realities of their own lives which inspires their creativity, the message isn’t overt though the clear underpinning of the roots of rock – live and let live though never be cowed – is clear.

The title track – Change Your Position – and second of the dozen on the LP being the most recent to surface.


Change Your Position – Tax The Heat is available on iTunes.*

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