Ceiling Demons – The Rose – Audio

On the 22nd the English dystopian-hop outfit Ceiling Demons released the LP Nil.

Ceiling Demons - photo credit - Nick Wesson

Ceiling Demons – photo credit – Nick Wesson

It is very easy to get embroiled within the brooding countenance of the compositions and specifically vocals which feed their way into the arteries akin to a deep injection that throttles almost immediately in to the brain – yet so to do is to omit the musical creativity underpinning the tracks which resulting affords them the bleak-background that makes the material so enticing.

A track which is easy to skip over is the opener of the ten tracks on Nil (available on bandcamp) – The Rose which does explore both compositional abilities and root-stock in a track which is framed in a folk architecture and once having ingested this – everything else flows not only for its societal commentary but also the songwriting technicalities and greater appreciation of the selection of instrumentation and framework of the subsequent songs.

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Ceiling Demons – March Forward – Audio

The English dark-hop outfit Ceiling Demons are currently putting together an LP for release later in the year.

Ceiling Demons

Ceiling Demons

Ceiling Demons have no concern in bringing in unexpected instrumentation to add the appropriate atmosphere to their compositions and from the forthcoming album – March Forward (available on the NARC. eleventh birthday compilation LP via bandcamp) – brass gives the track its sombre tone in a eulogy of loss within which the catharsis finds, in the latter part of the track, bowed strings marking a change in sensibility with brightly sparkling keys also surfacing as the composition concludes with a sense of acceptance and optimistic renewal.

Having also had the opportunity to take a listen to their catalogue which dates back to 2012 – and it is worth time so doing – (available on bandcamp), as Ceiling Demons have grown in self-belief and ability, so their music has equally developed greater confidence and stature.

As more detail of the forthcoming LP surfaces, I will aim to keep you informed.

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