New Year Ninety 2018 – 20 to 11

Reaching the final rundown of the New Year Ninety 2018 – from 20 to 11.

Junior Bill - New Year Ninety 2018

Junior Bill

20. Erica Dawson ( USA)

19. Approaching Black & White (USA)

18. Proxy Love (England)

Oh My Love (Look at the Mess We’ve Made) is available on bandcamp.

17. Junior Bill (based in Wales)

Above Your Station – Junior Bill is available on iTunes.*

16. Leah Lawson (USA)

Sheets is available on bandcamp.

15. Mothra Stewart (USA)

God Is a Surfer/ Cosmic Coincidence – Single – Mothra Stewart is available on iTunes.*

14. Mosquito Cabaret (USA)

13. Cavalcade (England)

Silver Bones – Single – Cavalcade is available on iTunes.*

12. Locks (based in England)

Rattle Them Bones – EP – LOCKS is available on iTunes.*

11. Something To Do (USA)

Tina Fey II / Hotline Bling is available on bandcamp.

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Cavalcade – Bat Your Lashes – Single Review

The English alt-rock quartet Cavalcade released the single Bat Your Lashes on the 2nd.

Cavalcade - Bat Your Lashes


Introduced earlier in the year Cavalcade have undergone a transformation by allowing their abilities to shine out from under the bushel with regular live appearances, an ever expanding performance circuit and a growing fan-base.

The newest single, Bat Your Lashes, can’t help but build on their growing reputation for delivering high-energy rock’n’roll which scoops the audience in its arms and launches them on to the dance-floor in good humour.

In Bat Your Lashes an analogue synth effect is added to the mix giving the track a warm glow whilst the guitars, percussion and bass switch spotlight affording the under two and a half minutes of the composition rich layers of texturing while the pressing vocal, which from time to time is chorused, provides the essential of earthy rawness which is a central pivot to their impressive compositions.

Bat Your Lashes – Single – Cavalcade is available on iTunes.*

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Cavalcade is the alt-rock quartet of Jack Campbell (Vocals / Guitar), Connor Duggan (Vocals / Guitar), Jack Lock (Drums) and Tom Nunn (Bass) from London in England.

Cavalcade - alt-rock from England


Formed last year Cavalcade are still tentatively finding their feet with sparse live appearance and less than a handful of tracks for those of us further afield to hear – sometimes when you hit play you know you just never want it to stop and such is the case with these guys.

With songs ranging from the jocular and easy going to fulminating coils of invective they are able to deliver expressive combinations which bounce off the walls and straight in to the limbic system as swarming bass pulverises the speakers whilst guitars leaps through the room as though a wild animal released from a cage with vocals spinning in pleasured freedom as pulsating percussion ensures everything is tightly knit.

I am merely hoping that the quartet recognise they have done enough practising and spend far more time in getting their music heard than only hearing it themselves. I mark Cavalcade as a band to keep a look out for as long as in the very near future they are able to get over their own temerity, as they have nothing that needs to still be hidden under a bushel.

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The Slow Readers Club – I Saw A Ghost – Single Review

The English electro-rock band The Slow Readers Club appear on the site from time to time.

The Slow Readers Club - I Saw  Ghost

The Slow Readers Club

To my ears their best release has recently surfaced  – I Saw A Ghost – in the past few days as it finds The Slow Readers Club producing darkly melancholic atmospheric palls of sound that curl their way around the room, like mesmeric threads caught in the evening sunlight.

The three and a half-minutes can be put on ever present loop and on each iteration there is another dimension to be found. Percussion and bass lines plough their way through the subwoofers as the electronics and guitar float effortlessly to which the vocal finds a superlative relevance when compared to previous pieces and The Slow Readers Club have risen to a band that you need to catch now before they spin into outer-space and out of reach.

A new LP – Cavalcade – is scheduled for release in April and judging by I Saw A Ghost – something to ensure you get your mitts around.

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