Cat Ma – Strangeways Here We Come – Audio

It was almost a year ago that the English glo-wave project Cat Ma last featured.

Cat Ma - Strangeways Here We Come

Cat Ma

The newest track to surface – Strangeways Here We Come – came out yesterday is of very different demeanour with its slippery slidey keys that buttresses a chalked hopscotch beat and dry vocal in a margin under three and a half minutes of infectious delight which finds the listener skipping around the room with broad grin on their face.

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Cat Ma – Dog Ate My Heart – Single Review

Cat Ma is a new English electro-glitch project.

Cat Ma

Cat Ma

With only one track around – Dog Ate My Heart – one is minded of the best of lyrical parody from the era of new-wave akin to Ian Dury and Television, not aurally, quite evidently, rather the absurdity of a situation written with humour, whilst equally described with political acerbity, leaving the listener eager to hear more.

This is a lyricist who has much to add to the weave of the world, I merely ponder whether there is sufficient to gnaw upon with a down trodden cat.

As regular readers know I sit with a small dog, so perhaps it is just me being defensive here as if a cat surfaces in the garden Gnotti barks and runs away to cower under nearest cover as quickly as possible, normally beside me pondering the noises emitting from the speakers as I write articles.

I would anticipate a differential of vicissitude in due course to allow for the continuation of a project which in one song alone has much to add to the weave of the reality of the world around by a musician I look forward to featuring more than once.

Thank you, in one song alone, for doing what you do and making the world a better place its existence.

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