Cat Aids

Cat Aids from Bejing in China is the growl-rock duo of Percy Piss Wizard (Drums) and Gustav Von Kluster fuk (Bass).

Cat Aids - Growl Rock from China

Cat Aids

Cat Aids is a band that will either immediately catch an interest or never grow on you as their combinations of experimental grunge, side-swipe and lack of desire to take themselves or life too seriously. Their live performances are, by all accounts met with great humour and a recent split-release on Nasty Wizard Recordings, will either add to their fan-base to stop it in its tracks altogether.

As the duo acknowledge – ‘six tracks of either absolute genius or absolute rubbish’, I think they are good fun. There is an industrial squeal that winds its way through tracks, and a bass / percussion combination that bears a vague semblance of syncopation, whilst a grumbling vocal scatters lyrics.

I look forward to hearing much more by Cat Aids.

CAT AIDS & GO TSUSHIMA is available on bandcamp.

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