Casual Strangers – Voltage Control – Audio

After the successful launch of the LP Wedding Album in October the US synth-wave outfit Casual Strangers return with a new track.

Casual Strangers - Voltage Control

Casual Stranger

Having first featured back in 2014, Casual Strangers continue to offer new soundscapes of different dimensions in which the listener can dwell in comfort.

Voltage Control oscillates around the room to a vibrant electro-loop, phased instrumentation and keys are torqued through transformative sequencers taking the audience in to a parallel Universe of tranquil oscillation from which they have no desire to return.

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Casual Strangers – Hohm – Audio

The US synth-rock outfit Casual Strangers launch the LP Wedding Album on the 13th.

Casual Strangers - Hohm

Casual Strangers

The latest track to surface from the album – Hohm was made available in the past twenty four hours.

Loosely calling the collection of compositions on Wedding Album – experimental love songs – Hohm is just under three and two thirds minutes of ambient-drone.

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Casual Strangers – Turing Test – Video

The US synth-rock creators Casual Strangers were first introduced in 2014.

Casual Strangers - Casual Strangers Photo collage by Todd V Wolfson

Casual Strangers Photo collage by Todd V Wolfson

Always coming up with imaginative ideas, their latest track – a conceptual piece –  Turing Test is another piece of music which has a recognisable format, hints of psychedelic space visualisation and although readily comprehensible, a sense of the experimental – in this instance Casual Strangers formulate the music purely by the luxurious sounds of a Moog.

The accompanying video, which is far more than incidental to the music, depicts the concept that it was a in fact cyborg that created the universe, which of itself formulates a whole new set of ideas about the reality, or lack thereof, of humanity.

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