Sarajevo ’84 – Superhero – Video

Sarajevo ’84 is a Spanish rock quartet.

Sarajevo '84

Sarajevo ’84

Unlike the reference of their name to the Winter Olympics, there is nothing chilly about the music which warms the room with it luscious riffs and rips with the quartet creating the sounds of good time, melodic rock’n’roll.

By way of an introduction, from their most recent EP – Carry On, which is available on bandcamp and came out earlier this month, the first of the four tracks – Superhero.

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Mike Bankhead – Carry On – Audio

The US alt-rock creator Mike Bankhead releases the LP Echo In The Crevices on the 1st of July.

Mike Bankhead

Mike Bankhead

The thirteen track album (available on bandcamp) has an air of sadness around it as the luxurious carpet of quietly paced rock lays across the room. Working with other musicians and a wide spread of instruments the approximately fifty seven minutes LP has a mix of ideas and hues to it, leaving the listener happily laying back and absorbing the varied texturing of what is an impressive release by a self evidently talented song writer.

There is only the one song around that I am able to share at this juncture, not my selection of the release which is Le Soldat, nonetheless the ninth track Carry On, which is a track of greater tempo than much of the album, is a decent introduction to Echo In The Crevices.

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