The Braves – Side By Side – Video

The Australian alt-rock trio The Braves made available the second reveal from the forthcoming LP Carry On The Con recently.

The Braves - Photo by Alexandra Rosenblum

The Braves – Photo by Alexandra Rosenblum

Side By Side has a film-noir filter in to which the listener immediately wishes to dive under the duvet and entangle in crossed limbs. The sliding soundscape reminds the audience to stretch out an arm to grab hold of a lotion in which oil the torso.

The song is presented through a muffled barrier which affords Side By Side its beguiling allure with the sprinkled guitar spraying through a baffled bass and percussion combination while the vocal breathes huskily over the earlobes.

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The Braves – People – Video

The Australian alt-rock trio The Braves are finalising details for the release of the LP, Carry On The Con, next year.

The Braves

The Braves

Most recently to be revealed from the forthcoming album is People.

A track which once again offers a different inflexion to their sound, which is a feature of their output, with The Braves never being intimidated by the idea of exploring different avenues. In People, whilst retaining their sense of foreboding which is an ever present mainstay of the output, there is a more open in architecture than much of their previous material.

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