Raised On TV – Caroline – Audio

The US alt-rock trio Raised On TV are finalising details for their appropriately named second LP – Season 2.

Raised On TV

Raised On TV

On hitting play on the first song to surface from the album – Caroline, which was released as a standalone single last week (available on bandcamp), the listener is tempted to think they are heading off to a fairly standard indie track only to find within a few bars that the bright-light neon entrance leads to a trippy-rock derived composition which takes the mind on a wave of kaleidoscopic colours.


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Nolita View – How could I lose? – EP Review

The England based electro-indie outfit Nolita View made available the EP How Could I Loose? within the past five hours.

Nolita View - How could I lose?

Nolita View

Those of longer stay will recall the iterations of Nolita View dating back many a year – for those new to the site – this a good starting point with the four track EP that is due for official release on the 14th.

Opening with Runaways – a sleighted hand of ideas as shoegaze and mod coalesce in just under two and three quarters of intrigue delivered with some mastery.

Next is Caroline, which for those who know the band will cast minds back to previous material as ’70s surf finds itself shrouded by punctuation of guitar that is able to stud holes in the wall.

My pick of the release – The Road – gives a sense that Nolita View are not reticent of their past, nor perturbed by exploring new ideas in a track that finds them in finest flow as the deeper registers of more forceful bass slips around the room, to be joined by sharply strung guitar that is allowed marginal, but, distinct vibration as percussion skips into the ears from which vocal – akin to a figure-skater gliding elegantly on the ice prior to throwing in an unanticipated axel-jump – shimmers through the ears.

The closer – Fire It Up – discovers a new mood of more algebraic equation and a direction of sharp angles with sheered guitar and passages of swatches of colouration provided by synthesised echoing delay and chord changes. It will be interesting to discover if Maths-rock is a new journey for Nolita View or an eddy.

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