Little Mammoths – Hungover In New York – Audio

The English Americana outfit Little Mammoths release the LP Cargo For The Road on the 23rd.

Little Mammoths

Little Mammoths

First to surface from the album is Hungover In New York.

The superlative voice immediately focuses the attention with the raspy breath of a whisky drinker and heavy smoker as it whetstones through the room on scratched vocal chord.

By the time mind refocuses on the accompanying instrumentation – the listener is already in rapt attention as they alight upon the cornucopia of sounds which, by each bar, entice greater adoration as surfacing through the soundtrack is a lap-steel that has the ability to make the lyrics seem as though they are being rushed, whilst tautly strung guitar shimmers on finger-nail strumming with the bass providing an earthy grounding and the drums keeping everything aligned as it weaves between brushed steel and snippy skin.


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