The Foreign Films – Teardrop Town – Audio

The Canadian retro-rock project The Foreign Films released the LP The Record Collector on the 15th.

The Foreign Films

The Foreign Films

The appropriately named album (available on bandcamp) serves as something of a musical reflective of a life-story told through the ages which is revealed during the course of the thirty one tracks lasting for heading towards two hours.

The soft lens focus in the hushed analogue tones of the album provides a narrative in itself which is able to warm the listener to the tale unfolding as exuberance, passions, foreboding, joy, sadness and sagacity thread through the LP, one which can be dipped in and out of at leisure or taken as a full dining experience.

Given the breadth of the story-line a pick of the release does no more than provide a steer to The Record Collector  nonetheless – Teardrop Town – the seventh song on the LP is my selection.


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Borg Queen – Blood Sweat Tears – Video

The Canadian electro-goth project Borg Queen released the EP Blood Sweat Tears on the 30th of April.

Borg Queen - Blood Sweat Tears - CD

Borg Queen – Blood Sweat Tears – CD

The five track EP is of wider screen than previous material featured with the music having a more latticed framework through which flickers of light can be espied giving the release a retrospective ’90s feeling.

The opening song is the title track Blood Sweat Tears.

Blood Sweat Tears – EP – Borg Queen is available on iTunes.*

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Melotika – The Fall – Audio

The Canadian electro-dance project Melotika released the LP Unaware on the 9th.



An intriguing eight track album, which offers songs of very different dimension and flow. Sections of the album are more user friendly than others and by necessity it is those moments of quirkiness that drew me to an album in a genre that very rarely features.

The fifth track is The Fall.

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Unaware – Melotika is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Twilight Fields – Waiting – Audio

The Canadian dream-rock project Twilight Fields released the LP Our Time Is Now on the 15th.

Twilight Fields - Waiting

Twilight Fields

Regularly featuring since being introduced in 2016 the album (available on bandcamp) finds a less melancholic mood than much of the material previously featured, though still of contemplative narrative.

The eleven track, roughly fifty six minutes, LP reflects on the value of close relationships in a world which is becoming ever more fractured.

Waiting is the third song.

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C.A.R. – Swaggart – Audio

The England based Canadian coldwave project of Chloé Raunet – C.A.R. – releases the LP PINNED on the 16th.



Surfacing from the album (available on bandcamp) within the past few hours, Swaggart, the seventh of the eleven tracks, casts a foreboding beauty to the room – much like watching supercell clouds building in a sunlit day with the multitude of colours refracted by the light through the condensing, hailstone forming, water droplets whilst storing charged electrical pulses set to roar overhead as the ever spiraling architecture builds towards the troposphere – yet far from phased by the warning the listener finds themselves transfixed by the formulation of the imperious exquisite shapes.


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