Queen Of Darts – Can You Get Enough? – Single Review

The Australian rock band Queen Of Darts are scheduled to release the single Can You Get Enough? on the 11th of March.

Queen Of Darts

Queen Of Darts

Made available a few hours ago for streaming Can You Get Enough? finds Queen Of Darts in more compact mode than many of their earlier tracks as a blistering guitar / drum combination battles its way out of the speakers.

Although punchier, the quartet have not lost the melodies that underpin the music for established fans as, Can You Get Enough? has a both raw energy and finesse allowing those who want to give their neck a run out a tempo to facilitate and those who prefer a more sedentary position to also get involved in the composition.

It will be interesting if this marks a new direction of travel for Queen Of Darts to mark their name change as they develop their sound having started life as Soundgasm back in 2014.

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