Can Can Heads – Mies tulee mies menee – Audio

I find it hard to believe that is the best part of three years since the iconic Finnish experimental outfit Can Can Heads last featured.

Can Can Heads - Mies tulee mies menee

Can Can Heads

In their inimitable style unless you can find the cached file of Monorural Recordings, their eleven track album which came out earlier in the month – as I type – it has already gone – though it may well be that it will surface again soonish – and judging by where it was originally, albeit briefly, available – I think keeping an eye out on their bandcamp account may prove helpful.

Making a welcome return nonetheless – the fourth song – Mies tulee mies menee – I have however been able to trace.

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Can Can Heads – Piece Movement/Moose Pavement – Video

The iconic experimental Finnish outfit Can Can Heads regularly feature on the various sites.

Can Can Heads - Photo by Oliver Bernadt

Can Can Heads – Photo by Oliver Bernadt

From the LP Butter Life (which is available on bandcamp) – track eight of the nineteen – Piece Movement/Moose Pavement.

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Can Can Heads – Too Numb To Step – Video

It happened – the Finnish out-fit Can Can Heads – did release their long awaited LP – Butterlife.

Can Can Heads - Butterlife - artwork

Can Can Heads – Butterlife – artwork

Of as much pleasure a video for track seven of the nineteen – Too Numb To Step has also surfaced. Can Can Heads getting a hurry-along? Surely not. I enjoyed the email to let me know of the video as it sums up the iconoclastic nature of the band – ‘Hi Tim, This happened sooner that I had imagined…’.

Thanks Tomi and long may Can Can Heads keep being who they are, an out-fit with unfathomable influence spanning back three decades, particularly of musicians who have never directly heard of them.

Scandinavia and Finland in particular remains, as it has for decades, a ground-breaking music scene, where being in the know, means being last weeks news and missing the must see gig – and a spiders web of influence spanning across the globe from the secretive gems.

Butterlife is available on bandcamp.

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Can Can Heads – Breakdiscodance – Video

The iconic Can Can Heads from Finland are pencilling in a new release for March – Butterlife.

Can Can Heads

Can Can Heads

Going back to the ’90s Can Can Heads have always made getting to hear them or see them something of a wait in a time-capsule. Their reach has always been limited, their influence however is incredibly wide-spread particularly by those who have never directly heard of their material.

From the anticipated release, which will only be their fourth in the past decade here is Breakdiscodance.

The past six months and you would think that Can Can Heads are almost on a roll as in addition to the purported forthcoming release they made an appearance in June at Ykän Pub in Oulu, so it seems foolish not to use this opportunity for one of their rare live performances too – a couple more videos – which surfaced yesterday.

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