Caleb Lemond – I Chase The Wind – Audio

The US dub-hop creator Caleb Lemond recently released the LP The Endless Paradox.

Caleb Lemond - I Chase The Wind

Caleb Lemond

Heavily influenced by rap Caleb also finds an affinity to bluesy-folk along with references from dub-reggae from which he constructs songs with a fairly distinct sound. Whilst on the surface this may seem to be unusual wells from which to draw water he also writes material based on life’s contradictory complexities, as that too is the case with much of reggae, folk and hip-hop.

The just over three quarters of an hour, fourteen track LP is available on his own website.

The seventh track is I Chase The Wind.

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Caleb Lemond

Caleb Lemond is a dub-reggae creator from Pittsburgh in the USA.

Caleb Lemond - dub-reggae from the USA

Caleb Lemond

With only a few tracks to take a listen to, Caleb Lemond is of third generation dub with the infusions of the genre which has always been a little ahead of the curve of spin-offs from which much else takes its indicator –  lays out a tasty treat of street and club music to come.

Trippy EDM spires across the room in a sound that rather than finding the listener with clenched jaw discovers them with flexing toes and the hip-hop tracts are not of confrontational conceit, rather reminiscent of a playful vocal vogue as the steadfast banner of reggae beat strides with flag waving around the room drawing all behind it.

With a certain degree of unerring reference point, as a regular reader you will anticipate, despite what is written previously I have to select a track which reflects merely subtly of what is described. However – Steel Drums do demand a showcase and so I select Mr. And Mrs. Lannister to share with you as an introduction of the music by Caleb Lemond who I hope keeps throwing out ideas, as those thoughts have much to add to world of music.

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