C. Scott And The Beltones – Airwave Bum – Audio

On the 8th the US inverse-lo-fi project C. Scott And The Beltones will release the EP When Applicable.

C. Scott And The Beltones - Airwave Bum

C. Scott And The Beltones

From the five track EP, which is an agglomeration of material of conjunction from previous releases, Airwave Bum is the closer.

As with the rest of the release the music features discordant out of sync projections which has the listener double checking they are not accidentally playing three tracks at the same time. C. Scott And The Beltones has never suggested the music is easy to grapple with and When Applicable (available on bandcamp) arises – there proffers another challenge.

You will either get in to the moment or wonder why I am asking you to spend time with it and end up banging your head on the nearest lump of concrete. The fact that you remain a reader suggests to me that you too may find some pleasure in the diametric timing of the distinct ideas on Airwave Bum.

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C. Scott And The Beltones – Comments On The War – Audio

C. Scott And The Beltones is the lo-fi-meanderings of Christopher S. Bell from the USA.

C. Scott And The Beltones

C. Scott And The Beltones

Languishing in my in-box for the past month has been news of the release of the release of the fifteen track LP  – Floored And Bored (available on bandcamp). My apologies to one and all for the delay in getting to the message.

The middle of the album seems a decent place to introduce the music of C. Scott And The Beltones with the self-imploding Comments On The War which trundles around the room like a toy train being pulled on a very long piece of string, colliding into the furniture and continually toppling over, but still making progress.

Not something to put on whilst trying to woo a potential partner at a sophisticated dinner-date, but most certainly to play while eating a fried breakfast to settle the effects of a night on the town.

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