Dreamarcher – Burning The Remains – Video

Dreamarcher is a Norwegian alt-metal quartet who launched themselves to the world this month.

Dreamarcher - photo credit Geir Mogen

Dreamarcher – photo credit Geir Mogen

It is bands such as Dreamarcher for which the whole idea of the various sites were imagined back in 2009. So new not even the band themselves really knew they existed.

Needless to say there is only one track to hear – Burning The Remains. Spilling between maths-rock and thrash metal Dreamarcher hold tight reigns to each, introducing a conundrum of change at a minute and seventeen seconds into the four minute and seventeen second long track, the quartet mark themselves out as quartet with perplexing ideas with which they intend to shake the listener.

The deftly handled jigsaw of sounds and ideas set Dreamarcher on a trajectory I look forward to following and I wish them every success in the topsy-turvy world that is the music business.

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