Dear Enemy

Dear Enemy a heavy metal outfit from Atlanta in the USA is Bryan Kraatz, Gogi Randhawa, Ryan Bennett, Alex Dorminy and John Ballard.

Dear Enemy - Heavy Metal from the USA

Dear Enemy

Slicing chunks out of the masonry Dear Enemy are able to switch moods and tempos to deliver well structure metal, which provides both thunderous sounds and more tempered moments. Although the band has been around for approaching a decade, after changes they pretty well disappeared for a few years, making a triumphant return through 2013 culminating in the release of an EP – Evermore – on the 1st January 2014, so it would seem that a new chapter has started for the quintet.

Whilst they have the fire-power to blow the speakers, they hold this temptation in abeyance, choosing to deliver music which contains all the roars, pile driver percussion and flailing guitars to be desired, but framed inside a manageable context which allows the audience to enjoy the deftly played and written tracks.

You get the sense that Dear Enemy is an out-fit who would fit as comfortably playing a corner stage in some run-down joint as well as having the material to encompass a major venue as the quintet delivers a sound that is approachable, whilst simultaneously able to fill wide open spaces.

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