Crooked Cat Adams – There’s Been A Death – Audio

Crooked Cat Adams is the US brooding-rock project of Patrick Barry.

Crooked Cat Adams

Crooked Cat Adams

The music is made more evocative by its dampened stance which slaps against the wall and rather than echoing slides like muddy splatter to the floor which finds the listener reaching out in an attempt to touch the clods as they pulse past the ears.

The most recent reveal being the six track LP 1000 Miles To Cordova which is available on bandcamp and best ingested at full volume with the sub-woofer bouncing inside its own vibrations.

The second track on the album is There’s Been A Death.

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Yardlander – Kiss With Teeth – Single Review

Yardlander is a relatively new English brooding-rock quartet.



Having spent time honing on their craft on stage they recently revealed their first track for those not within reaching distance to hear as a recording – Kiss With Teeth.

On hitting play you may ponder the thought of ‘relatively new’ as thundering across the room spins a tune which many musicians of long teeth would be delighted to be able to produce as the quartet deftly weave betwixt one another, allowing each element to shine in turn, in a track which would not be lost on a windy and rainy day at Glastonbury.

Somewhat retrospective in nature, Yardlander, dampen rather than expand notes giving the song a resplendence of the 21st Century and is finely juxtaposed with the derivations of the sound, as whilst those of longer musical catalogues will naturally expand phrases, the quartet catching out the unwary, shorten them.


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Dead Replicas – OH – Audio

The English brooding-rock trio Dead Replicas have surfaced with a couple of new tracks in the past week.

Dead Replicas - OH

Dead Replicas

The dark spires of sound that enclose the listener in OH have a menacing presence as the industrial template unrelentingly pounds through the ears. A partially hidden vocal counter-intuitively provides the song with even greater sense of overbearing due entirely to its disembodied appearance.

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Hammering Spleen – Crisis Of Faith – Video

It has been the best part of four years since the French brooding-rock trio Hammering Spleen last featured.

Hammering Spleen

Hammering Spleen

With a similar feeling of dark intent as when last featured it is a pleasure to come back to Hammering Spleen with the track Crisis Of Faith from their forthcoming LP Symbol which is due for imminent release.

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Big Bad Echo – Battered Fish – Audio

Big Bad Echo is a brooding-rock quintet from Australia.

Big Bad Echo

Big Bad Echo

In their latest track – Battered Fish – the listener is shrouded by an industrial apocalypse of menacing bass and drum, while half-spoken lyric impresses the sense of foreboding into the bone marrow as guitars and electronics reverberate and echo from the walls in a just over six minute track that can, with some pleasure, bear immediate replay.

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