Lois – You Know She Does Me Wrong – Audio

The English brit-blues quartet Lois will release of their second LP, Guns Of The Governor on the 11th of November.



Akin to the flow of the music, they are in no great rush to reveal recorded material, Guns Of The Governor being the follow-up album to the 2014 release The Polperro Horse Bus Company. The quartet make-up for the infrequency of studio time with their live performance schedule which has seen them establish a strong following.

The dozen track, roughly forty eight minutes, LP is replete with many gems as Lois deliver their luxuriantly textured, slowly revolving compositions. There is a natural and endearing timbre to the output which ensures that even for those who have never come across their music previously, within moments, Lois feels like old friends the listener hasn’t heard from in a while.

The retrospective album – a sparsely overdubbed 8-track recording, thereby enhancing the warmth of the analogue keyboard, how could I not make a recommendation –  is best enjoyed with a hoppy ale to hand to slowly sup and savour.

My pick of the release, having waxed-lyrical on the calm flow of the music is, unsurprisingly to longer stay readers, of course neither mellow nor slowly paced being the jive inviting seventh track You Know She Does Me Wrong which takes the listener to the ’60s Cavern Club.


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VLLNS – The Devil & The Deep Sea – Audio

The Irish brit-blues-rock trio VLLNS are finalising the details of their début LP Sentiments planned for release later this year.

VLLNS - Photo by Sam McCabe

VLLNS – Photo by Sam McCabe

On the 1st they revealed their début single The Devil & The Deep Sea which will also be the penultimate of the six tracks on the album. A track that bodes well for the fuller release with  a contained energy that pumps its way around the room on the backbone of a powerful trotting percussion, prior to picking up the reigns with the tempo rising.

Frayed guitar is given space to take the spotlight giving the song, along with the vocal, its dirty blues infusion that takes the listener to a sawdust strewn bar-room while the bass is working on such loose strings it is possible to catch their sound of recoil as they slap back in to place, which minds of a saloon-bar swing door creaking on its hinges.

A follow up single – Talons – is also set for release imminently and having had the opportunity to give it a listen too I am confident that the album will be one to grab hold of when it does surface.

The Devil & the Deep Sea – VLLNS is available on iTunes.*

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The Oi Oi’s – Holy Moly – Single Review

The Oi Oi’s is a relatively new English brit-blues trio.

The Oi Oi's

The Oi Oi’s

For those of us who haven’t been able to catch them live since their first performance in April they did recently reveal their début single.

Holy Moly rumbles through the speakers akin to a heavy steam engine pressing down on the sleepers. A bass guitar which seems to surface from underneath the floorboards cracking the pins underfoot marks out the territory of The Oi Oi’s as they challenge the sub-woofers to a duel accompanied by a drum-kit struck so hard the listener can envisage the whole set bouncing around the stage with the riffs of guitar bending through the room like a meandering river forming oxbow lakes whilst the vocal, almost incidentally, threads through the composition.

I mean to cast no aspersions towards the vocal content as without it Holy Moly would be incomplete and is an integral part of the song, however, the combinations of instrumentation and percussion is that which fully captures the attention.

It is of little surprise that the guitars are threaded to almost double their length, to enable rapid string change as I can’t image they last a full set on any occasion it would also not come as a surprise that along with the drum-kit having a surfeit of spare skins and sticks there isn’t also a plaster cast on-hand to support broken wrists.

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Arson Daily – Train – Audio

Arson Daily, a US brit-blues trio, released the EP What’s on Your Mind? earlier in the month.

Arson Daily - photo by - Kendall Bailey Photography

Arson Daily – photo by – Kendall Bailey Photography

Steeped in ’60s rock, Arson Daily reveal music that has the audience stomping alongside, lost in the retro rock ‘n’ roll. That isn’t to say the music sounds in anyway worn out as there is a revitalising energy that bounces through the room as they muse on daily aspects of life, sometimes in reminiscent thought other times with expressions of optimism.

Grab yourself a tumbler of whisky before hitting play and revel in the scent of fading leather-jacket.

My selection from the five track EP is the second – Train.


What’s on Your Mind? – EP – Arson Daily is available on iTunes.*

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