An Interview With The Deadline Shakes

A band who has been considered going back to early this year The Deadline Shakes took some time out to chat just before their launch of Bright Spot In A Bad Year.

The Deadline Shakes - an interview

The Deadline Shakes – an interview

An independent label I speak to often who I have referred a a few bands to, Flowers In The Dustbin, and those of you who have been here long enough and are aware of the significance of the coalescence of Sid Vicious, Siouxsie Sue and Keith Levine will know why the label immediately hit my head and it does remind me, did they work with any of the bands I sent their way? An email is due to Stephen methinks.

More importantly than me delving back into the history of Persons Unknown let’s get back to 2013.

Bright Spot In A Bad Year is an intriguing release with the dichotomies of the reality which are subsumed within the music and the bright sun lamp which steers out of the speakers. The Deadline Shakes have a firm handle on the realities of the world around as they direct the audience to sunnier climes. Dig a little deeper and you will find a band who have plenty to say of relevance and they are also looking for your perspective of how there are good times amongst the tumult.

If you have a high-spot in the past year , no matter what it is  – an image, a video, a not very much that made you smile or a cat sliding on the ice –  The Deadline Shakes would like to compile a crowd-sourced video of your Bright Spot In A Bad Year.

Please send your best moments of 2013 to The Deadline Shakes on Facebook.

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The Deadline Shakes – Bright Spot In A Bad Year – Audio

The Deadline Shakes have a new single coming out in December.

The Deadline Shakes

The Deadline Shakes

Pre-launch of the single will be a video, which you will find in the next few weeks on our video only channel. For now here is Bright Spot In A Bad Year as a stream option. I will get to a full review of these four chaps in short order as I am fascinated by the vocal. On this release The Deadline Shakes add a fifth player on violin and like you, I appreciate a band who have the savvy to spot a missing instrument and are not afraid to find the right ingredient for the composition.

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