The Falling

The Manchester, England, alt-rock band The Falling comprise John Done (Guitar / Vocals), Brian Mitchell (Guitar / Vocals), Andy Keating (Bass) and Jason Hanley (Drums).

The Falling - alt-rock from England

The Falling

Those of longer stay may be wondering if Silber Media and Brian Mitchell have relocated to England, that isn’t the case, however the same name does find yet more great music. I will get my frustration out of the way, as you readily know patience and I am not great bedfellows and although I have had the pleasure of taking a listen to their catalogue dating back to 2014 – every one of the half-dozen tracks is only available as a single and The Falling is a band you just want to hit play once and enjoy, not keep reaching for the ‘play’ button to get to the next track.

The Falling predominately deliver high energy compact commentaries of societal malaise. Whilst the quartet are also able to play with tenderness, including the acoustic resonance on These Hands, there is always an underlying sense of the impetuous which they manage to deliver as coherent thoughts that resonate with musical prowess, not through hoiking up the volume, rather enabling bass and percussion to compress the texture, whilst guitars are deployed to create the melody and upper-cut from which an impressive voice commentates on their societal angst. The vocal is not a frenetic disembowelling, rather an impassioned plea for cohesive compassion.

It is the ability of The Falling to deliver a raging froth of distilled commentary on the world around whilst holding inquisitive guitar soliloquies that are fenced by the pressure lock of the lower registers that makes them a band I look forward to hearing more of in short order.

My one wish is they put out an LP to contemplate their material, however, my wish is not their command and the latest single Cream (Get On Top) which was released on the 4th is, as with all their releases, available on bandcamp.

Given all that I have written of their material having perspicacity towards societal angst-wave Cream (Get On Top) is a departure as it heads towards a more introspective commentary of thoughts of relationship isolationism and is perhaps the nearest they will ever come to a ‘love song’, albeit a fractured relationship.

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Small Life Form – It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm – Single Review

The US experimental-drone project Small Life Form released the single It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm on the 11th.

Small Life Form - It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm - artwork

Small Life Form – It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm – artwork

If you have been a regular reader over the years you will have noticed various entries through Silber Records and Small Life Form is another of those entries. As with RemoraSmall Life Form is one of Brian Mitchell the owner of Silber Medias’ personal musical projects.

Running for over twelve and a half minutes It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm is a track to turn out the lights, close the eyes and languish within. One is minded of watching a rusty spot rotting away the steel surrounding as the buzzing of a thousand wasps drills into the ears. The fusion of exposed wires invites the listener to create their own capricious sound effects through volume, bass and treble. If you have access to delay and echo through your sound system, play with those functions too.

It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm is perhaps the antithesis of the rising popularity of using mobile phones and MP3s to listen to music through reedy delivery, no matter which accompanying speakers are attached and I recommend purchasing the FLAC version from the bandcamp download where the clarity of delivery allows you optimal experience.


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Remora is the industrial-rock group from Sanford, North Carolina, in the USA centred around Brian John Mitchell.

Remora - industrial-rock from the USA


Those of longer stay will recognize Brian Mitchell as being the owner of Silber Media who often send through bands that are reviewed very frequently, so it is somehow appropriate to take a listen to his own material.

The growling thread of sound shudders through the bones as though a dark raven is descending as a jack-hammer of bass pedal hammers through the room, to which guitars adds squeals of tortuous excoriation as Remora deliver music which thunders of malcontent and a mesmeric vocal metronomes its way through the ears. This is music that needs to be played as loudly as the speakers will allow with full sub-woofer bass boost – but you just knew I was going to advise that…

A new Remora LP surfaced at the end of last month, the live album – Swash, which I recommend adding to the playlist. If this isn’t your cup of tea, I would think that this is perhaps not the right website for you to be reading as, has already been mentioned, music from Silber Media emails regularly surface.


Swash – Remora is available on iTunes.*

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