The Orange Strips

The Orange Strips an alt-indie sextet from Labin in Croatia is Goran Brezac, Valdet Luboteni, Vedran Gergoric, Borjan Batagelj, Tedi Mirkovic and Goran Nalic.

The Orange Strips - alt-indie from Croatia

The Orange Strips

Multi-coloured cotton threads weft their way out of the speakers on hitting play as The Orange Strips combine to produce material which is surprisingly melodious and muted given the numbers of players. Their complex musical structures have been well received across swathes of Europe over the years as the unit are able to deliver music which has an intensity of thought provoking sounds that melt into the brain.

Whilst the layers are multidimensional The Orange Strips are able to make the sounds easily accessible affording the audience the opportunity to settle back comfortably and enjoy the sounds floating around the room. This is material which can be played on repeat loop and still new imagery will be created on each occasion. Multiferous instrumentation enables the sextet to take familiar phrases and references whilst wrapping them in timeless sound-scapes.

The Orange Strips are another fine example of the hive of musical activity that bubbles away in Croatia and their addition to the scene is the tranquility they deliver. A recent LP – the eleven track, forty minute – Deadlines – which came out on the 14th January is further testament to the inspiring compositions they so regularly offer.


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