Art Block – Borderline – Video

The England based alternative creator Art Block is planning on releasing the EP Borderline in February 2016.

Art Block - Borderline - artwork

Art Block – Borderline – artwork

With some pleasure it is delight to have permission to share with you the unmastered version of the title track and first of the four of an EP well worth foraging to excavate on release like a white truffle.

On each occasion Art Block surfaces on the website there is a different reference point and Borderline takes, as a backdrop, Southern Blues lap steel guitar to extrapolate the forlorn introspective soliloquy in a track that weaves its way into the marrow of the listener in a three and a third minute spotlight of personal insight which, for the harrowing structure, finds the audience in equally ponderous self-reflection.

I anticipate being back with a full review of the EP nearer date of release which I have had the joy of listening to in full that also features on backing vocals another artist who has appeared on the site – Chelsea Turnbull.

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