Rodes Rollins – Boom Pow – Single Review

The US alt-rocker Rodes Rollins released the single Boom Pow yesterday.

Rodes Rollins

Rodes Rollins

A highly capable musician with a back catalogue that is more than worth spending time getting to know as Rodes Rollins delivers a blend of southern-blues and rock encased in a smouldering voice that reaches through the speakers and wraps gently around the listener.

Boom Pow has a primordial flow that is best enjoyed circling around a late night bonfire as the flickering percussion seeps far in to the bone-marrow. Whilst musically steeped in home country influences the track has an intoxicating quality which is able to far transcend any geo-political boundaries and wrest stomping feet from audiences across the globe.


Boom Pow – Single – Rodes Rollins is available on iTunes.*

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