Bobby Jo Valentine

Bobby Jo Valentine is a folk rock singer from Petaluma in the USA.

Bobby Jo Valentine - folk rock from the USA

Bobby Jo Valentine

There is something infectious to the music created by Bobby Jo Valentine, which despite containing every cliché that finds me normally running for the hills, I can’t help but listening track after track. It is the somewhat sardonic humour that flows through the sounds that gives the material credibility.

Pieces are well paced, neither dwelling in remorse, nor flitting along aimlessly. The compositions are straight and the delivery pretty well faultless, yet somehow you can’t help but believe there is a heart and soul to the songs. It is full credit to Bobby Jo Valentine that he is able to deliver music that whilst very easy on the ears simultaneously captivates them and it is no surprise that his fan-base extends across those with a vast swathe of style preferences.

It has taken me since May 2011 to get round to writing a review. Since the initial introduction an LP has been released, the thirteen track, Home, which takes the listener on an entertaining and engrossing forty five minute journey.

Regardless of your musical genre preference, in my view, you will find something that strikes if you allow the music to flow for a few minutes.


Home – Bobby Jo Valentine is available on iTunes*.

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