Nighttime Revolution

Nighttime Revolution is the blues rock band comprising Rob Whiteley (Vocals), Liam Kempton-Robshaw (Drums), Toby Platt (Guitar) and Paddy Hughes (Bass) from Liverpool in England.

Nighttime Revolution - Blues Rock from England

Nighttime Revolution

Nighttime Revolution add an interesting smattering of Brit-pop to the sounds and resultingly deliver an interesting flow of music. This is a quartet who will stretch your speaker system to its limits as both sub-woofers and tweeters grapple with the extraordinary range of the quartet and what a delight it is to hear.

A simple concept lays behind the thoughts of Nighttime Revolution – make music to enjoy – and the listener is given a treat of enthusiastic music. For sure they don’t always get everything right, as the tracks range from twelve bar blues to psychedelic extravaganza, but what they do achieve is an out-put you can’t help but want to succeed with sounds that wrap the listener in an investment that the vocals will hit the high note and the guitar bend the notes to warp.

Less than a year into their development, I am full of support that if they stay with it Nighttime Revolution will hone it all more sharply and I raise my hat to them for setting such a high bar from the off.

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Rolin Humes

This Sunday (as I write), I seem to be having to brush up on Latin with this being the second band with Latin references….

Rolin Humes originally formed in Rijeka, Croatia is the blues rock quartet of Emil (Bass), Nikola (Guitar), Matej (Drums) and Robi (Vocals / Piano).

Rolin Humes - blues rock from Croatia

Rolin Humes

Music sometimes is as much about the lyric as the style and whilst Rolin Humes play in a genre with which I have little affinity, particularly given the jazz infusions, however – the lyrical content is incredibly interesting.

Historical figures feature predominately in the songs, which often describe a ‘what if’ journey, giving the resulting out-put by Rolin Humes a highly thoughtful perspective. This gives the material an almost philosophical twist and given that English isn’t the native tongue, a testament to the song writing skills.

For those more comfortable with the style, musically the quintet deliver smoothly blended instrumentation that features as mellow well tempered fusion rock. Originally formed as a blues session band they have successfully developed their style, which despite them all moving to different parts of the country, has evolved into a more inclusive out-put, which through intelligent lyrics poses apposite and current political conundrums, whilst on the surface appearing to be gliding serenely.

There is always great pleasure in finding personal resonance in the most obscure directions and I wish Rolin Humes the best for the future.

I conclude with the longest track I have thus far suggested, in the past four and a half years, you spend time to consider as a taster of the band being introduced  – 18 minutes and 18 seconds.


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Sunshine from New York in the USA is the blues rock duo of Amy Santos (Bass / Vocals) and Steven Ferrara (Guitar / Lap Steel / Harmonica / Vocals) plus The Sunshine Nights – Rev. Crawford Forbes (Keys / Trumpet), Mike Lambert (Slide guitar / Banjo) and Pitti (Drums), plus guest artists.

Sunshine - roots blues from the USA


The more established readers will spot a couple of names from a review in August 2012 with Maybe The Welders and are still perhaps wondering how the tour in Brazil (from an October 2012 interview) turned out, I hope to be able to follow this up at some point, but time and tide….

Sunshine on the other hand are a different kettle of fish with their rootsy blues, what a wonderful place in which to wallow. From experience I know exactly how difficult it is to work with 12 bar blues and what joy it is when you get it right, though to be fair my knowledge as a ’70s punk vocalist and complexity are not natural bedfellows. Sunshine play across the spectrum of blues rock to deliver a sound that resides like a clay mould of the head.

The appositely named ten track debut LP Down And Up Blues finds the outfit exploring the nether regions of the genre and as I type I just wish I were sitting in a porch somewhere in the Southern States of The USA as the music evokes all that is fine about music excavating the origins, whilst bringing to the audience a sense of the here and now not just a retrospective.


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