David Ford – Real Damn Slow – Single Review

The English blues-rock creator David Ford released the single Real Damn Slow on the 27th of April and will be releasing the LP Animal Spirits on the 11th.

David Ford

David Ford

As posited on the tin Real Damn Slow is a curling, gnarly drifting track that unhurriedly wraps the listener in its beguiling whisky rasped vocal and gliding riffs that pulls to mind a ramshackle bar in a deserted town evoking reminders of times gone by still held in fond memory.

A track that invites the audience to kick-up their heels and allow the roughly four and a sixth minutes of Real Damn Slow to take over plans for the rest of day, with a tumbler of spirit to hand.


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Archi Deep – I’m Just A Man – Video

The French blues-rock duo Archi Deep, formerly Archi Deep And The Monkeyshakers, will be releasing their eponymous LP on the 1st of May.

Archi Deep

Archi Deep

The six track album is of deeper growl than music of theirs previously featured with the crunchy blues chords combining with the off-set rhythm to deliver an approximately eighteen minutes of classic rock.

The third song, I’m Just A Man, is of lighter guitar leverage than much of the LP, though a representative introduction.

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Bear Witness – Could One Be You – Audio

The English blues-rock band Bear Witness released the LP Dreams Of Fame on the 28th of February.

Bear Witness - photo by Jacobe Lando

Bear Witness – photo by Jacobe Lando

Blues-rock is melded with heavy-metal and indie-rock in what should be an angularity of failed connectivity, yet Bear Witness are able to easily join all the junctions together in a watertight seal that leaves the listener reaching for a faded leather jacket and a silk shirt at one and the same moment without feeling in the least bit out of sorts.

From the six track album my pick of the release is the grungy penultimate song Could One Be You where smouldering guitar riffs combine with slipping drums whilst fiery bass conjoins with a wandering vocal to deliver a song that tousles the hair and pinches the cheeks as it passes through the room.


Dreams of Fame – Bear Witness is available on iTunes.*

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Oddnote – Reckless Movement – Audio

The US blues-rock quintet Oddnote released their début eponymous LP on the 13th.



Twisted blues guitar gnaws at the skirting-boards as the dirty chords roll through the room while a rumbling rhythm guitar ruffles the ears with a rattling bass bending the window frames and percussion driving the songs forward like a snarling school-mistress rounding up unruly children – overlaying the music is powerful growling vocal – rounding out a fourteen track album (available on bandcamp) that does require the speakers to be turned to full volume and then kicked to clear out any dust to fully enjoy.

Having said all that the LP is very much one of thirds, with the middle section of songs being more mellow, rhythm guitar led, in tone, though that does need to be taken in context, resultingly evidencing a band, which although having only formed last year are already, gelling in to a formidable unit.

My pick of the release being one of the more soft brush tracks – the eleventh – Reckless Movement.


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Bennett Wales & The Relief – Sugar Walls – Audio

The US blues-rock quintet Bennett Wales & The Relief  released the LP Flood Without Water on the 25th of October.

Bennett Wales & The Relief

Bennett Wales & The Relief

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) that offers the listener a wide range of songs as the disparate influences come to the fore.

The quintet are at home with pulsing rock roaring through the speakers, as they are with the rumble of delta-blues and equally funky-RnB resultingly the audience doesn’t feel jarred by the changes in texture, rather leaning forward and turning up the volume just a little bit more to delight in the mix of material.

The closing track is the uptempo rock’n’roll foot-stomper – Sugar Walls and my pick of the release.

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