Electric Boys – Hangover In Hannover – Video

The Swedish rockers Electric Boys will be releasing the LP The Ghost Ward Diaries on the 23rd of November.

Electric Boys

Electric Boys

Their lengthy careers, this being their thirtieth year anniversary, albeit with a fifteen year break between 1994 and 2009 has seen them dabble with various iterations of blues-based rock and always proving adept wherever they have turned their hand.

The forthcoming album showcases a band who have not lost their verve and enthusiasm for creating new music as well as getting out on the road – they are currently on a tour through to late December with gigs in Norway, Sweden, France and Germany.

The track Hangover In Hannover has been made available in advance and is also available as a standalone single.


Hangover in Hannover – Electric Boys is available on iTunes.*

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Still Eighteen – Hit Me Like A Drug – Single Review

The Dominican Republic based blues-rock trio Still Eighteen released the single Hit Me Like A Drug today.

Still Eighteen - Hit Me Like A Drug

Still Eighteen

A scrunchy british-blues influenced track which slides through the speakers in bleeding guitar chords that stretch like twisted elastic.  Combinations of bass and percussion keep the six stringer from disappearing in to a soliloquy as they keep a tight reign on the thread of Hit Me Like A Drug whilst their signature sound of interweaving vocals, which creates which wide their dynamic range, again allows Still Eighteen their point of difference.

I was somewhat surprised to discover that it has been the best part of two years since Still Eighteen revealed new music, as Bullets & Dust, their last release, is still fresh in the mind.

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Band of the Month – August 2018 – Readers’ Choice

With thanks to you a reader of the site for taking the time out of your day to discover what is here – without you – this would be a very quiet echo chamber. The August Readers’ Choice for band of the month is…

Samana Rising - Band Of The Month August 2018

Samana Rising

…From Norway – Samana Rising.

Without Your Love – Single – Samana Rising is available on iTunes.*

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Southern Brotherhood – Ode To Man – Audio

It has been over four years since the English blues quartet Southern Brotherhood last featured.

Southern Brotherhood - Ode To Man

Southern Brotherhood

On the 28th they will be releasing the bakers dozen plus one revision track LP Truth & Lies, which is available on bandcamp.

The verging on an hour album takes the listener on a journey of blues-rock through the decades and through geographical influence, playing almost as a compendium of the various sub-genres and a testament to the strength of songwriting and musicianship that it all falls in to place with the listener having no desire to wander away, other than to grab hold of another bottle of Bourbon.

It has been interesting to engage with the journey of the various incarnations of Southern Brotherhood since the start of the decade discovering a sound which has bloomed over the years from what was an earlier earnest intensity to what is now a calm self-assuredness.

The twelfth song is the haunting beauty that pulls from the Velvet Underground songsheet and my pick of the release Ode To Man.

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The Million Reasons – Dizzy – Single Review

The US blues-rock quartet The Million Reasons released the one track plus one remix single Dizzy on the 14th.

The Million Reasons

The Million Reasons

The original version of Dizzy (available on bandcamp) is a heading towards five and three quarters minutes of finely blended and calmly delivered melodious balmy blues-rock. Meandering through the room in filters of a progressive psychedelic lens The Million Reasons have created a song in to which the listener unhitches from the world around and loses themselves in immersive imaginations of their own with little desire to reconnect once the song has drifted in to silence.

Even the radio friendly cut runs to over four minutes, though inevitably, I do recommend the original over the snipped song.

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