Blue River – New York – Video

The English indie quartet Blue River released the AA side single New York​ /​ Marty McFly last week.

Blue River - New York /​ Marty McFly - artwork

Blue River – New York /​ Marty McFly – artwork

Marty McFly was featured last year.

The other side of the single (available on bandcamp) – New York is a more dance orientated track as Blue River add an injection of pace to the song.

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Blue River – R U Getting Enough – Audio

The English Indie troupe Blue River have a slight delay in releasing the LP Anyday Tomorrow.

Blue River - R U Getting Enough

Blue River

Last featured in December of last year with news of the LP due for dropping in January, one can only conjecture that the album title is perspicacious as there is currently no conjecture for the release of Anyday Tomorrow other than – any day tomorrow is forthcoming.

Not that we need to concern ourselves with issues of internal contemplation as I find myself able to share another of the tracks from the album – R U Getting Enough.

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Blue River – Karenza – Audio

The English indie band Blue River will be releasing the LP Anyday Tomorrow in January.

Blue River - Karenza

Blue River

From the forthcoming eleven track album, Karenza a solid piece of indie-rock which spins around the room in easy footstep leaving the listener feeling lighter of mind for having partaken of the approaching number.

Adding glittering guitar refrains Blue River raise the track from above the crowd as Karenza takes on a shoegazey feel without loosing the sense of coiled energy of indie.

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