New Year Ninety 2016 – 80 to 71

My thanks to all the bands who create music as without you none of this website would be possible. Keep making the world a better place. As is always the nature of the New Year Ninety and Emerging Indie Bands, many of the bands featured no longer exist, though their legacy remains.

The New Year Ninety 2016 –  Eighty to Seventy One.

Hell Oh! - New Year Ninety 2016

Hell Oh!

80. Fine Animal (USA)

Before the Glow – Fine Animal is available on iTunes.*

79. Kill Your Boyfriend (Italy)

Isaac / Nicolas – Single – Kill Your Boyfriend is available on iTunes.*

78. Good Morning Finch (Sicily)

Gemini – Good Morning Finch is available on iTunes.*

77. Viola Beach (England)

76. Maybe The Welders (USA)

Depth of My Love – Single – Maybe the Welders is available on iTunes.*

75. Hell Oh! (Brazil)

We’ve Got Nothing to Say but a Song – Hell Oh! is available on iTunes.*

74. Even In Arcadia (Scotland)

Blue Prints – Single – Even in Arcadia is available on iTunes.*

73, Dioni (Greece / Australia)

Dioni – EP – Dioni is available on iTunes.*

72. The Circus Ship (Scotland)

71. Nervous Germans (Germany)

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Even In Arcadia

From Glasgow in Scotland – Hazel Gore (Vocals ), Christopher Garvin (Guitar), Chris Gore (Bass) and Blair Martin (Drums) got together last year to form the brooding-rock band Even In Arcadia.

Even In Arcadia - alt-rock from Scotland

Even In Arcadia

Melting its way into the subcutaneous tissue Even In Arcadia produce music that takes over the body and soul of the listener. The blending darkness of the pumping bass coalesces like congealing blood with the rancorous percussion. A glazed guitar shimmers feint light on the unfolding scene and a mesmerising vocal circles around like a ghostly spectre as the quartet deliver their quietly delivered and understated powerful compositions.

It is difficult to believe they have been together for such a short period of time as immediately on hitting play you will think this should be a sound already sitting in your library of ‘iconic rock’. Even In Arcadia have a poise and confidence that even in recording spills into the room as that which should surely only come with time, yet formed last year they were.

A couple of three track singles behind them, Weave A Web and most recently Blue Prints are welcome additions to the world of music. I am looking forward to a double LP as the longer you linger with Even In Arcadia the more your body feels itself melting.

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