Band Of The Month – March 2018 – Editors’ Choice

The first quarter of the year draws to a close and already a plethora of top notch music has come my way – thank you musicians for what you do, it does make the world a better place. Time for the Editors’ Choice for band of the month for March 2018

Bloodcocks UK - band of the month March 2018

Bloodcocks UK

…From the USA – the new wave quartet who can normally be found touring internationally – Bloodcocks UK.

From the LP Hot Sushi, which is available on bandcamp Let’s Go.

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Bloodcocks UK – Skid Row Dance Party – Audio

The US new wave quartet Bloodcocks UK release the LP Hot Sushi on the 1st of May.

Bloodcocks UK

Bloodcocks UK

With an extensive touring schedule, though rarely playing the USA, more normally to be found in Japan they have developed a strong live performance presence, which they are able to transpose in to the recorded material and the eleven track album (available on bandcamp) is a release to bring out at any party moment with its bursting effervescence, with songs that rarely reach two minutes.

Pull aside the furnishings, turn up the volume, hit play and dance your heart-out to some storming good-old rock’n’roll.

The fifth track is Skid Row Dance Party.


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